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Poncelet has been building exceptional boats since 1954.


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Poncelet has been building exceptional boats since 1954.

445 Motorized Canoeing

Starting with a canoe, Albert Poncelet cut off the stern to fit a motor. It was with this first motorized boat, created in 1954, that Etablissements Poncelet became a shipyard.

Over time, this model was transformed into a full-fledged boat, with adjustments to the hull, bench seating, dashboard, cable controls, etc., to become the real first Poncelet outboard, named for its length: the 445.

1963 saw the launch of the 510, a more spacious evolution of the 445.

445 Outboard

The 445 is a true leisure boat, light, maneuverable and easy to transport.

Just as the Fiat 500 takes Italian families on the road, the Poncelet 445 takes Belgian families on vacation on the water.

With its competitive price and great performance, the 445 became a best seller and remains the best-selling Poncelet model to this day.

Numerous variants of the 445 hull were born, including the 445 Long Pont, specially designed for racing.

500 and 520

Introduced in 1966, 12 years after its younger sibling, the 500 was the first model to adopt a V-shaped hull, which cuts through the water better and makes sailing much more comfortable.

Available in outboard and inboard versions, it was later slightly extended by the 520 model.


It wasn’t until 1970 that the successor to the old 445 was born. Requested by customers looking for a boat with modest dimensions, but this time with a “V” hull, the 465 is undoubtedly the worthy heir to the 445.

Better equipped and more comfortable, it still delivers the same thrills for which the 445 is renowned.

Designed exclusively as an outboard, it will benefit from a number of modifications, including a higher freeboard and the famous “Monza” bow-shaped windshield.


The second newcomer of 1970, the 620 is the family boat par excellence.

Comfortable, spacious and equipped with a wide range of inboard engines, it offers safe cruising at sea.

It will be available in 2 versions: Day-boat, and Cabiné (with raised helm station for easy access to the forward cabin).


1970 was a banner year for Etablissements Poncelet, who launched their third model to complete the range: the 450.

This sporty model is fast, extremely maneuverable and ultra-light, reserved for customers eager for performance.

It has made a name for itself in numerous competitions, notably in Paris, where it has more than once lifted the Belgian flag to the top of the podium.

Despite its many Sunday successes, only small numbers were sold, penalized by its extreme sportiness.


To compete with boats designed for water sports, Poncelet creates the 580, the only model in the range with a shaft line motor. With this technical choice, the 580 delighted its users with its wave shape, ideal for water-skiing.

Its V8 engine with exposed exhausts creates a sensation in harbors and on the high seas.


Specially designed for divers, this boat is built using the multi-ply technique, nailed on solid frames.

The only Poncelet not to adopt the styling elements of the “Poncelet hull”, it features a vertical bow and freeboard, giving priority to stability and interior space at the expense of maneuverability.

For obvious safety reasons, it is fitted with two turbines.


This majestic 8.35-meter boat was built in 1976, at the request of a loyal customer. He wanted a spacious unit, powered by two six-cylinder engines with 165 hp each.

The 835 is distinguished by its clean, sleek lines, styling elements more generally adopted by smaller craft. This gives it a unique and recognizable visual lightness, making it a real star of European waterways.


In 1982, Albert Poncelet was asked to build a 9-meter-long unit. Based on the 835, he created an improved version, longer, even more luxurious, and with additional amenities, including a toilet.

This was the last boat Albert Poncelet worked on. He personally broke her in on the canal, then delivered her to his lucky customer. Only a few weeks later, Albert Poncelet passed away after a final glider flight.

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